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Google would be to buy the mobile division of HTC

Google would be to buy the mobile division of HTC

According to new reports released by Bloomberg, Google would be very close to closing the deal and buying assets from HTC. These rumors have been surrounding HTC for months. However, the recent announcement that the sale of the company's shares was being suspended due to an announcement that it will give tomorrow has increased the speculation.

Apparently, Google could repeat the move it made a few years ago when it bought Motorola. HTC is responsible for creating the latest official Google phone, the Pixel, and is also the company behind the Pixel 2.

HTC has seen huge losses in its mobile division, but we must also remember that the company is one of the pioneers in virtual reality, with the HTC Vive. Perhaps this sale to Google would include only the mobile division. And incidentally, it will solve the problem of Google.

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We find a totally different scenario than when Google bought Motorola, and it is clear to us that Google wants to be more like Apple in this sense: to have control of its hardware and software simultaneously, to have a more vertical integration, in order to control its platform. .

Apparently we'll have more details tomorrow.