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Google Tasks: A tool for the Web and Mobile focused on completing chores!

Google Tasks: A tool for the Web and Mobile focused on completing chores!

Tasks is integrated in Gmail and Google Calendar

In a new case of duplication by Google, the Mountain View company has just launched Google Tasks, a tool designed to manage, capture and edit pending tasks no matter where we are, with integration in Gmail and Google Calendar. And by duplicity, I mean that Google has been offering something very similar, for years, with Google Keep. The advantage that Tasks has over Keep and other similar services, is the integration with Gmail and Google Calendar directly, especially with the redesign of Gmail.

This is also one of the first apps to use the new aesthetic of the redesigned Material Design, which we also see in the new Gmail. The app works very well on Android and iOS, and all the changes are reflected in real time on the apps and the web. As you can tell by its name, Google Tasks is focused on tasks or chores, rather than serving as a repository for general notes, which is something Google Keep could do. However, as a tool for jotting down tasks and to-dos, it works quite well, although it may be too simple for many.

The hierarchical order of things is quite simple. We have a main list, where we add Tasks or tasks. We can add a new list and populate it with additional tasks, and keep them separate. We can add details to the task and an expiration date, but not attach files or images, for example. It is not a robust task or organizational tool as Trello can be, but for things that are super simple or simple, I must say that it is very well planned. And integrating it directly with Gmail and Google Calendar makes it even more practical. Interestingly, being Tasks an app that would benefit a lot from an Android Widget, it totally lacks one, which shows the disinterestedness of Google by Widgets in recent years.

I quite like the app, so little that I have been able to test it so far. Definitely not a replacement for Trello, but it does strike me as a viable, multi-platform alternative (available on iOS and Android), for quick and easy lists of things we have to deal with.

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Are you missing things? You are right: One way to attach at least images would be practical, and having the option to share lists with others is something I consider essential, so probably not give up my current favorite for quick to-do notes and chores: Ssimplenote. Simplenote is also cross-platform (web, Android, iOS), it is also super simple and only accepts text, but it allows me to collaborate with other people in real-time notes, it offers Markdown support when a simple note inadvertently evolves into something else, It has native apps for Mac and Windows and in addition to chores, it allows me to create notes that keep revisions of the same (if I modify a note and I am not comfortable with the changes, I can go back in time to a previous version and recover the text replaced). What I love about Simplenote is that it can be as complex or simple as one wishes. With Tasks? We only have a simple to-do list with an obvious advantage: it is integrated into Gmail and Google Calendar.

If you prefer this integration above everything else, you can download Google Tasks for Android and for iOS, in addition to using it directly in Gmail.