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Gmail's smart responses are now available in Spanish!

Gmail's smart responses are now available in Spanish!

Are you inundated with emails every day? It is a common problem; So much so, that Google has devised a way to offer us automatic responses to the emails we have received. What Gmail does is suggest a short answer based on the context from our email.

Aj, it is not as simple as answering everything, or a simple OK; What the application does is read and process the content of the email using machine learning, and then gives us three possible responses to the e-mail, which can be an affirmation (to confirm that we will be attending an event, or that we are advancing a project), a way to obtain more information (at what time? What day? ), and a denial, in case we are unable to complete a task or attend an event.

It is a quite convenient tool, because just by pressing one of these three options we will be sending an email response with what we want to transmit, without having to write absolutely anything

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These three reply options are already available for iOS and Android in the official Gmail app in Spanish, so take advantage of them to quickly answer incoming emails!