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GIMP 2.6 available



If you don't know what he is Gimp you're probably wondering: What damn is the Gimp?, well to explain it simply, the Gimp would be the Open Source alternative to the classic Adobe Photoshop. Now, Just released version 2.6 of this image editor, with further improvements over the previous version.

Among the novelties that this new version brings, There is the new graphic interface, with the tool menu bar in the image window, instead of the toolbar you previously owned in the menu. Likewise, they have also ruled out something that many users were quite bothered by in the old age, which is the accumulation of windows in the bottom toolbar, so now they will find it more comfortable to use this software.

Also, a percentage zoom was introduced in the status bar of the software, and the dialogs and menu have been changed, which were renamed. This is not why, if the only thing they are going to achieve -probably- is to mislead people.

Anyway, this is great progress for the software, that perhaps, in some future it will reach the power of Photoshop, or even surpass it in some way or another.

Download | GIMPVa | Bitelia