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GBoard, the keyboard of Google, receives a significant Update (Android)

GBoard, the keyboard of Google, receives a significant Update (Android)

Gboard, the official Google keyboard for Android, has just had a major update. Thanks to its advances in research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, the keyboard now tries to anticipate complete sentences when we start typing them in order to auto-complete them and thus save us time. Google just released a fairly technical post that explains how the prediction is improving here. This prediction is available today in English, and will soon reach more languages.

Additionally, another change that this new version of GBoard brings, is the possibility of use image recognition to identify what we draw and suggest emojis. Just draw the emoji we are looking for in the Emojis search box, and we will see all the possible alternatives immediately!

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Lastly, GBoard now offers better search results when we invoke Google Search from the keyboard interface. In order to access all these new features, you need GBoard 6.3 for Android. If they still don't see the update, they can always use APKMirror to install it manually

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