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Games Offers for iPhone / Android. Christmas offers started!

Games Offers for iPhone / Android. Christmas offers started!

Mobile gaming has gone through a drastic change this year, as we saw in a post a couple of days ago. The matter is simple: both Android and iOS have become serious platforms for video games. What was once infected with pure free-to-play titles that most resemble slot or casino games, is gradually giving way to real games, where the incentive is not to hook up with lots of mechanics and empty prizes to force us to invest money, but simply to have fun.

And the best time to enjoy mobile games is Christmas. At the end of the year, many of the developers put their games with great offers to take advantage of them. On both iOS and Android, I'm seeing great discounts. Final Fantasy ports all are with lower prices, for example. The same for Crashlands, one of the best crafting / adventure games in a long time. Another of my favorites of the year, Cat Quest, an action / RPG game It has excellent discounts on both platforms (from $ 5 to $ 2). Jade Empire, a PC RPG game classic that was released on mobile, is $ 0.99 from $ 9.99 as well!

And these are just the first end of the year and Christmas offers! As the days go by, we will start to see more and more offers in more games! If you want to be aware of these offers, I recommend the following:

For Android, you can see all the offers with AppSales, an excellent app that shows us all the discounts

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For iOS? I recommend that you take a jump on Appshopper!