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Gallery App for Android: Camera Roll

Gallery App for Android: Camera Roll

Did your Android phone come with a slow and ugly Galley app? Are you not convinced by Google Photos to view your images (because honestly, as a gallery app for Android, it does not work very well)? Then take a look at Camera Roll, a simple and fast app that allows us to see all the images we have on our phone intuitively and quickly. Remember Quick Pic, the excellent gallery app that unfortunately was sold and spoiled by invasive advertising? So they'll love Camera Roll, which gives us a pre-acquisition QuickPic experience

The app is super fast but it has excellent animations that give us an extremely smooth experience. Of course, we also have access to EXIF ​​data in case we want to dig deeper into the images. Another thing that I really liked is that there is, within the app, a way to join multiple folders under the same album. I usually have multiple folders on my phone, but several of them are wallpapers. With Camera Roll, I can have a virtual album of Wallpapers that shows me all at once, without having to go in and out between folders!

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The app is free, and you can download it from here