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Galaxy S9: This is all we know about Samsung's new phone

Galaxy S9: This is all we know about Samsung's new phone

Update: This is the most recently leaked S9 and S9 + photo:

It started in 2018, all the main phones of 2017 have already been launched, which means one thing: the rumors and leaks of the new year phones have already started! One of the first on the list – alongside the new Huawei P20 / P11 – is the new Samsung Galaxy S9, and everything seems to indicate that it could be launched at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, ​​at the end of February!

In fact, we already have one of the first leaks in pictures of the phone, courtesy of @onleaks, showing a phone with slight changes in design. For starters, we have a fingerprint sensor placed in a much more comfortable place

Another strong rumor is that the S9 Plus, the larger version, could follow the same path of the iPhone Plus, where this team will incorporate the secondary camera, something that seems to be confirmed by the published photos.

Samsung started using a second camera with the Note 8. But this time, according to a leak by Slashleaks, the camera would be ordered vertically, as it happens in the iPhone X, instead of horizontal, as we have it in the Note 8 / iPhone 8 Plus:

Internal Features Galaxy s9

As for internal features, we would have the Snapdragon 845 – a slight improvement compared to 835, as the process size remains the same, 10nm – 6 GBs of RAM (same amount of RAM as Note 8) and of course Android Oreo 8.0. T

We also have a possible leak of benchmarks or speed tests of the possible S9, getting 2422 in single-core and 8351 in multi-core in Geekbench 4. An improvement over the S8, but not a very big one. And yes, it is still far below those obtained by the iPhone 8 / iPhone X, which achieves more than double in single-core (4000+), and exceeding 10,000 in multi-core. Qualcomm, apparently, has been falling asleep in these last generations, because since the disaster that was 2015 for the company (with the launch of the Snapdragon 810/808), it has not been able to recover, releasing chipsets with minimal improvements and few changes to stock designs of processors manufactured by ARM. It appears that Apple will retain the edge on processing power and performance for at least another year, all of 2018, if these Snapdragon 845 results are real.

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In actual, non-synthetic tests, however, the Note 8, which brings the Samsung Exynos, continues to perform extremely well. Thanks to optimizations in Software, and the 6 GBs of RAM, executing all kinds of tasks with the Note 8 is totally possible, without noticeable lagSo this difference in performance, while large, is not actually reflected. At least, not with current operating systems and apps, which fail to demand too much of these processors.

It will be interesting, then, to see what Samsung has prepared for the S9. After the great goal that the S8 has been – by far one of the best phones of the year – Samsung has set the fence high enough to be able to overcome it this year as well.

Another interesting leak: