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GALAXY S9: Impressions with the Camera (SUPER SLOW MOTION) in a Barcelona with Snow!

GALAXY S9: Impressions with the Camera (SUPER SLOW MOTION) in a Barcelona with Snow!

It hardly ever snows in Barcelona. Because it is a coastal city, which is practically next to the sea, there are many conditions necessary for snow to fall in the city. And yet, on the second day of the fair, it happened. Nev for a good time. And just coincided when we had theSamsung Galaxy S9to perform tests on the smartphone camera.

Bad luck? Or fortuitous? Who knows, the thing is that I had the phone for a good time, and with special "scenarios" to test the effect of slow motion on the camera, which you can see in the above edited video and in the "raw" ac video, without any grading:

I was impressed, the Super Slow Motion mode. It worked quite well, not only in those scenes specially prepared to make them look good in slow motion, but in other tests I have done, now at home, in Lima, and with lower lighting. Scenes that did not appear in the main video because it was previously edited, but that will be in the final review. This Super Slow Motion at 960 frames per second makes even mundane scenes interesting, as it is something that we, with our own eyes, cannot perceive.

However, this mode is limited to a fairly low resolution for current standardss: only 720p (1280x720p). Today with 4K televisions, and with Full HD as a standard for YouTube, 720p can be seen somewhat pixelated. Not terribly blurry, but I would have liked to see it in 1080. On the other hand, despite having this Super Slow Motion mode, Samsung has not taken advantage of this ability and implemented additional modes, such as 480 frames per second or 240 frames per second. It would have been great to see a version with fewer frames per second and more resolution, like the one offered by the iPhone, from 240 frames to Full HD.On the other hand, we do have 4K at 60 frames per second and the implementation of HEVC, which gives us videos with better quality and less size, especially in 4K:

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Another great improvement in photographic themes, is in the HDR mode of the S9.This time, the S9 takes 12 photos in succession and combines them to form a single image, giving us the best dynamic range I've ever seen on a smartphone so far. Difficult photos with a lot of contrast are not a problem for the phone. Plus, this combination of multiple exposures of the same image does an excellent job of eliminating noise.

In short, my first impressions with the camera are very, very positive. Samsung has been competing for the top spots in smartphone photography for years, and it looks like this year it could take the crown in both categories, video and photo. But we will know this with the review, which I hope to have ready in parallel with the launch in Per!