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I just got back from the launch event of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and of course I had to post my first impressions and images from the launch event. It was an interesting event, where Samsung managed to focus on the strengths of this new smartphone.

No, aesthetically not much has changed compared to the S8; especially ahead. But once we flip it, we'll see that we finally have a fingerprint sensor placed in a much more comfortable and intuitive place than the S8 and Note 8. We no longer have to be struggling to find the reader.

The big news, however, is the improved main camera, which now gives the "plus" model even more distinctive.In the past, both the regular and the plus version shared identical characteristics, except in battery and screen size. This time, however, we have more differences between the two models:

  • The Galaxy S9 has one camera, the Galaxy S9 has two rear cameras: an additional "telephoto" for optical zoom.
  • The Galaxy S9 Plus has 6 GBs of RAM compared to the 4 GBs of RAM of the other model.

All these details can be read in the main article, which I link below. This post is mainly focused on the video, so that you can see images of the event, and of everything that happened today.

During the week you will be publishing more content of this phone, because you will have the possibility to test it and, above all, test the camera in various situations.I am very interested in the subject of slow motion and variable aperture, so it will be great to test this camera!

Now if the video is published, I am going to sleep, what tomorrow is going to go to the Mobile World Congress!

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