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FREE VPN for Android! Try ProtonVPN!

FREE VPN for Android! Try ProtonVPN!

Weeks ago we saw a Free VPN option for PC, with ProtonVPN. Today, I can give you the good news that the service has also been launched for Android, and is now available on the Google Play Store! As with the service for Mac and Windows, ProtonVPN offers us a completely free VPN, without advertising.

As we have seen several times, A Free VPN for Android can be very useful when we connect to the internet from public connections or unknown Wi-Fi, corporate networks, and more. What the VPN does is redirect all the browsing traffic and encrypt it over a secure connection so that no one can spy on the pages we visit, the text we write, and more; acts as a privacy cover to all our online activity. All our browsing activity is redirected to Switzerland or Iceland and encrypted, to prevent curious governments or people from meddling in what we navigate

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The free service they offer is not the fastest, but it fulfills the task of anonymizing our internet connection and allowing us to browse safely, making it extremely useful to activate every time we are connected to a corporate network, an internet that does not we know, and more.

Definitely an app worth downloading to have a free VPN for Android! You can find it here