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Free Software Workshop for social communicators

Free Software Workshop for social communicators

I was in the morning today on the first day of the Regional Free Software Conference and as a start to getting into the weather I got into the Free Software workshop for social communicators given by Beatriz Busaniche, a Bachelor of Social Communication who defines herself as Free Software activist and is part of the Board of Directors of the Fundacion Va Libre.

Talk about Free Software

Although the workshop had little, the Busaniche talk was very interesting To begin to understand the subject a little, to realize what the different positions are and how they are reflected in the media. I leave you some passages:

The discussion on Free Software transcends the technical and reaches the political, because free access to Software is fundamental for human rights, civil rights and for the sovereignty of a country. So it is a social movement rather than a technical one.

There are two types of people depending on how they stand in front of technology. On the one hand, the typical techno-technicians who believe that a computer alone can solve the structural problems of society. And on the other, technophobes who believe that if they put their knowledge and culture on the internet, they will steal it.

Microsoft's discourse is to connect and take a computer everywhere but that has to do with consuming. For people who cannot meet their basic needs, having a computer is the last priority. So they try to sell to African country states, for example. And in schools it attacks directly with its proprietary software.

Free Software is equal to freedom of expression. Because software is what manages our communications and all communications are mediated by some software. Today, technologies are means of communication and when we talk about new technologies, we talk about the ability to say things in a world where everyone is screaming. There are statistics that say that most people who have a blog read only one blog: theirs.

The people who take care of the computing part are the ones who decide the content. Our ability to communicate depends on who manages the software. And it controls not only our communication, but also our social memory. How are we storing our memory? In what format do we store our data? We cannot store our information in a single company, in a format that belongs to it.

Everything good that Macri says about electronic voting (which is cheaper and more transparent) has nothing to do with what technical studies say and the media reinforce that message.

Currently, everything we know is filtered by Google and that is very dangerous. We are building the perfect panopticon and we are happily getting into it.

The conference has just started and I hope to be able to be in other talks, so I will bring you more info 🙂