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FREE Game of the Week: Zombie Gunship Survival (Android / iOS

FREE Game of the Week: Zombie Gunship Survival (Android / iOS

The weekend is here! If you've been bored with the games you have on your phones, let me recommend one that has had me hooked for much of the week: this is Zombie Gunship Survival, a follow-up to the popular Zombie Gunship that hit mobile stores a couple of years ago. years.

This sequel, which just came out recently, gives us a similar premise: we are on board an airplane, flying over territories that have been invaded by Zombies. Our mission? Provide air support to ground missions. The great thing about this game is that we have a totally different perspective than other zombie games. Instead of being on the ground, with zombies attacking us from all sides, we found ourselves in the air, like a drone, attacking enemies from the sky in an AC-130 plane.

Despite this distance, the missions are tense because the chances of survival of our companions are always in our hands.

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This second version expands the game mechanics. Instead of having mission after mission, we have elements of construction of the base of operations, where we have to update our weapons.

Definitely an excellent game to try!