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FREE ANIME on Android and in Spanish, with AnimeDroid!

FREE ANIME on Android and in Spanish, with AnimeDroid!

A few days ago we saw an excellent application for Android called Anyme that allows us to watch and download anime on any Android smartphone. The big problem with this app was that we only had English fonts.

Well, thanks to Achilipu's recommendation in the comments, I came to AnimeDroid, a very similar app that allows us to watch anime for free on Android, but with sources in Spanish!

Like Anyme, we can not only watch it, but also download Animes to our devices to watch them offline. The subtitles are hardcoded; that is, they are embedded in the anime, so we have to choose the font (English / Spanish) and then the anime to see them.

The application works very well although as a negative point, it is full of advertising from all sides. Anyme, on the other hand, did not show us ads and even included an adblocker for the sources we visited. To get rid of advertising, we can pay – via Paypal – $ 2.99 to free the ad app. Apart from this, the app works quite well.

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Due to the amount of ads and because Anyme syncs with MyAnimeList, I still prefer this first recommended option. But if you have trouble with English, or just prefer to watch a series with subtitles in Spanish, then check it out!

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