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Fotosizer, tool to resize photos in batch



Yesterday, after months without touching the camera for lack of inspiration, and on the occasion of my birthday, I had to edit a batch of about 30 photos to upload to Flickr, resize and compress them a little bit, I wasn't going to do it by hand, so I started looking for some batch processing application, what is commonly called BATCH, and I found Fotosizer.

With Fotosizer we can resize and compress a batch of images At once and automatically, we only have to specify a complete directory, a particular image, or select only the images we want. The configuration is very simple, you have to choose the output size of the images, the format we want, the directory where they will be saved, and the odd option that interests us, the rest is automatic.

There are many applications of this type, at some point we have commented on Multiple Image Resizer .NET, which also allows adding other types of effects to photos, such as frames, text, or such. But I liked Fotosizer for the simplicity of use, also what I was looking for was only to resize and compress, highly recommended.