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Fishbowl, Facebook client for Windows 7


Fishbowl is a new Facebook client for Windows, based on the Microsoft .NET Framework (although I don't know if it works on Linux with Mono), which has a very well-made interface, and allows us to access all of Facebook's functions from the desktop.

Actually the customer is not just for Windows 7, but it is optimized for this operating system, since it has full compatibility with jumplists and Aero Peek.

The first thing we have to do is download the installer, which does not weigh more than 500KB, and then, when running it, it will start to download the program, it is about 6MB (I don't like the new way of installing that the .NET Framework has).

Do not be scared to see that the home page of the site says trial, it is not that the application is paid or anything like that, but that it is a version that has no support of any kind, just that. Describe it without fear that there is nothing to pay and it is not limited in any way.

The client has almost all the functions that can be used from the Facebook web interface, notifications, friendly walls, access to albums, support for uploading photos with drag and drop, in short, everything they do from the web, but now they can do it from the client.

The only drawback I saw, is that it is a little slow loading the content, but today my connection is not working very well, so it may be my fault and not the application.

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