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Find duplicate files in Windows with Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder

The problem of duplicate files is a classic one, but luckily there are also many alternatives to find and get rid of them. One of them, for Windows, is Fast Duplicate File Finder.

This application allows us to search local, external, removable disks and even those of our networks to find duplicate files. In addition, it has useful features, such as mark which of the copies is older, and choose that it is the one that is automatically deleted or moved. It also has security options for don't do it with system files.

Another feature is project support, which would be search and scan profiles to perform frequent tasks more quickly. The program has Preview features for images, video, music, text, and even binary files.

And when we identify duplicates, we can delete them directly to the recycle bin, or move them along with their folder structure to a preliminary area, until deciding if we really want to get rid of them or not.

Undoubtedly a very complete alternative, and best of all, free.

Goes: Lifehacker