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FEZ for iPhone and iPad, now available! ($ 4.99)

FEZ for iPhone and iPad, now available! ($ 4.99)

In what is probably one of the most pleasant surprises of the year, FEZ, the excellent platform game by controversial developer Phil Fish, has just been released on the App Store! We knew, at the beginning of the year, that the game could have a release on iOS, but we did not know of possible release dates until today, out of nowhere, the game is available on the App Store as FEZ Pocket Edition for $ 4.99 (S /. 16.90 for Peru)

FEZ not only has a charismatic character, but the game world is full of life and the puzzles are complex but super entertaining. The game uses perspective variation to give us puzzles that will make us scratch our heads, stumped, on more than one occasion.

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The game works on iOS 8.0 onwards for those who continue with Jailbreak, and will need an iPhone 5S onwards, or an iPad Air onwards, to be able to play it. It has a weight of 160 MBs, so you won't need too much space to play it! Unfortunately, the game is not optimized for iPhone X, so owners of this phone will have to deal with the side edges.

From what little I could play it (yes, I bought it instantly), the game is controlled very, very well with the touch screen! Note: It also works with MFI controls, so if you have one, get ready to enjoy one of the best platform games in several years!