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Fast Finder: Launch apps more efficiently and faster for ANDROID! (VIDEO)

Fast Finder: Launch apps more efficiently and faster for ANDROID! (VIDEO)

For a week or two, I have been permanently using a new application called Fast Finder that has made me more productive. During the day I find myself launching several different applications on my Android smartphone. The most used ones, of course, are in my Dock. Microsoft Launcher, which is the launcher that I use (and that we saw here) allows me to have 5 to 7 apps in the Dock, and with a slip on these apps, it shows me 5 to 7 additional apps, in addition to quick shortcuts for Bluetooth, Wifi and more, at the bottom. Is super practical Well, my most used apps during the day are about 10 to 12 in total.

However, there are multiple times in the day that I find myself launching apps that are not in my Dock, and looking for them in the Drawer or app drawer has always seemed like an extremely inefficient way, one of the things I don't like very much Android.

For a couple of weeks now, however, I've come up with the ideal answer: Fast Finder is a fast search engine for Google apps, contacts and suggestions that we can immediately invoke. In my case, in Microsoft Launcher, it lives like a search bar, but I can also invoke it with a double tap on the screen. It is extremely fast, and prioritizes the applications that we have installed in the app, which makes it much faster than the Google bar that usually comes by default. The speed is comparable to Spotlight on iPhone or Mac, so I can launch apps almost instantly when I start typing their name.

For me, The app has become essential, because I use it not only to open applications without having to resort to the horrendous Drawer, but also because I use it to do Google searches, find contacts, and more.

Fast Finder is free – and works super well for free – but upgrading to Pro for $ 0.99 will give us access to icon packs, the ability to set the widget to transparent, to exclude certain folders from searches, and of course, support the developer of such a great app!

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