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Executor, excellent alternative to Launchy



One of the application launchers Better known and used is Launchy, it has already made a place for itself in this type of tools, but a few days ago, browsing Instant Covers, I found Executor, a similar tool worth trying, also allows launch programs or perform tasks by calling the launcher with a keyboard shortcut.

For those who don't know Launchy or any of these tools, I briefly comment on the operation. With them we can run applications or tasks with a keyboard shortcut, for example, if we configure the launcher to open with Alt + Space, a text field opens where we enter the name of the application to run, and the launcher will open it automatically, many things can be done, not just launch applications.

Some of the features of Executor are:

  • Open applications through keywords
  • Support for skins
  • Allows you to search the system and on the internet
  • Directory browsing with prediction
  • Open URLs in the browser
  • Etc

Executor is a very light application, the download weighs 1MB, and does not really consume resources, it is eating me about 3MB of RAM, I think it is excellent in performance.