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Europe eliminates ROAMING costs in the Region !!

Europe eliminates ROAMING costs in the Region !!

The cost of Roaming in Europe has been eliminated

Nothing more hateful than having to pay alarming fees every time we travel out of the country, right? Well if the country is a member of the European Union, this additional cost has been completely eliminated!

According to the European Commission:

Calls, SMS and connecting to the internet with mobile devices from another country of the European Union will be covered in the national package. The minutes of calls, SMS and megabytes of data that a person consumes within the EU cost the same as at home.

As long as people travel periodically and spend more time in their country of residence than in 4-month periods, they can benefit from Roam Like at Home.

As you can see there are some limitations. For starters, we need to spend more time in our country of residence than in periods of 4 months. That is to say, I cannot, with my plan in Spain, go and spend 4 months in Germany, for example. Additionally, for unlimited plans, operators can set a usage limit, after which they will charge 7.7 + VAT per Gigabyte (to be reduced to 2.50 by 2022). In addition, some small operators are not included in this, due to their low domestic costs. This is done to avoid, for example, getting a plan in a country where the cheapest plan is available, and then using it in our country. Despite Brexit, the UK, according to the BBC, is also part of the Roam like Home agreement

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And what about Latin America? Well, recently I had the opportunity to try something similar, but available through Claro, which is called Coverage Without Border. Once activated, we can use part of our plan (in my case, 1 GB of the 7 GBs offered by my plan) in 16 countries in the region! Soon a full article on this experience!

At the moment, This is great news for EU residents, who will finally no longer have to worry about higher fees every time they visit a neighboring country!

via BBC