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ESSENTIAL Apps: Files Go cannot be missing from your list! (ANDROID)

ESSENTIAL Apps: Files Go cannot be missing from your list! (ANDROID)

For a few months now I have been using Files Go and it has already become part of my arsenal of essential android apps. We already saw one of its most important functions in an article and additional video, in Transfer files between Android phones without Wi-Fi, but the truth is that the app can do much more than this!

Files Go is the answer to Google to have a file manager on Android. Since its inception, Google has refused to officially put a file manager on Android. Samsung, LG, HTC and others have created apps that take care of it and put it on their phones, but Google, until now, on Nexus phones and now Pixels, does not have a file manager.

With Files GO, we have a powerful tool that allows us to manage the files of our phone at ease: delete files in the download folder, move them to another place, copy them to another directory, and more. What separates it from the rest, however, is that It has an excellent way to highlight unnecessary files that we can eliminate.

Files Go, for example, alerts us to low-quality photos that are self-downloaded from WhatsApp, for example, so that we can routinely clean them. If they usually receive enough memes, GIFs and other things, Files Go will show them in the main part as files that we can safely delete. Furthermore, it is an excellent tool to detect duplicate files. If they have the same photo in different folders, with Files Go they can discard the files they no longer need.

Another feature that I loved is that it highlights the large and heavy files that we can remove. I had a couple of downloaded movies that I had already seen, for example, that I was able to quickly delete with Files Go to free up space. We can also transfer files from our internal memory to SD, in case we are running out of space

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The great thing about Files Go is that it makes smart recommendations to free up space. It is not a simple file manager, nothing else, but a kind of assistant that will keep our phone free of unnecessary files. Oh, and being able to share files directly between phones is also great:

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