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Email for Android: Astro is an excellent alternative as an email client.

Email for Android: Astro is an excellent alternative as an email client.

On iOS we enjoy a healthy variety of excellent email clients, as we have seen on the blog multiple times. Clients like Airmail or my current favorite, Spark, offer a superior experience than traditional email clients. The bad? They are only available for iOS (and MacOS).

In Android, the situation is more complex. Gmail comes by default pre-installed on phones, and for the vast majority of people, it's more than enough; It is a good email client, after all. But for those of us who have already tried superior alternatives on iOS, or for those who are tired of Gmail, or even for people who Looking for a Gmail compatible email client, Office 365 email, Outlook, and they want to have it in a unified way, the alternatives are not abundant.

One of the most interesting I have come across? It's called Astro, and it offers, in addition to a fairly clean and simple interface, a artificial intelligence system with which we interact as if it were a chat bot. Through this chat bot we can unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, we can clean email folders, and much more. The Chat Bot is optional, but it gives this email client something unique that sets it apart from the rest. Over time, I ended up adapting and I use it often to unsubscribe from newsletters, delete the trash in my Inbox, and much more.

Apart from AI Chatbot, Astro is a solid email client. It is integrated with a calendar, so we can schedule appointments and meetings directly from the same app. In addition, Astro separates the emails and places some in a Priority Inbox, as Spark does in iOS, placing emails that it considers important and giving them greater visibility. We can improve this by defining VIP people, whose emails will immediately go to the Priority Inbox to help us organize.

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For now, Astro is totally free, and it's one of the best options you'll find on Android as alternative email clients.

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