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Edit video on Android, with Power Director (VIDEO REVIEW)

Edit video on Android, with Power Director (VIDEO REVIEW)

The best video editor for Android is, without a doubt, Power Director. Despite its relative simplicity, Power Director gives us the necessary tools to get quality video.

The application allows us to import multiple clips, cut them as desired or according to our need, add two different audio tracks, allows us to record voice-overs on top of the videos if we need to add something else, add titles, put transition or coloring effects to the videos, and much more!

The best thing about the application is that it has a fairly simple interface: the selection and display of clips is done from the top, while the bottom is dedicated to the timeline to the timeline where we will throw each of the videos we want Edit. Everything is simple and fast; I have even processed 4K videos from Power Director, without any problem.

Of course, we still have several limitations that are manifested in the difficulty of choosing cuts with greater precision due to the small size of the screen of a smartphone, but all the editing process that you see above, I did from the phone in half an hour!

Here is the final result:

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Also, a while ago I made a video from Sao Paulo, recorded with Mate 9, and also with Power Director

As you can see, it is an extremely complete and very useful app. We can download it for free, but be restricted to only export videos in 720p. If they pay $ 5.99, they will be able to export not only in 4K, but also remove the watermark from their videos!

Download Power Director from here