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Edge Gestures: Add gestures to the edges of the Android screen

Edge Gestures: Add gestures to the edges of the Android screen

I use both iOS and Android on a daily basis (I'm currently toggling on Android between the Note 8, Mate 10 Pro, and the Blackberry KeyOne I'm using for review). Something that I miss during my multiple swings between operating systems, is the possibility of sliding my finger along the left edge of the iPhone screen to go back.

You see, the iPhone, as you know, has only one button, the home button (on the iPhone X, it no longer exists), so most iPhone browsing occurs through gestures on the screen. After 5 minutes, it is extremely intuitive. If we swipe right on the edge of the left screen, we go back one page, for example. A tap on the status bar of the iPhone (where the watch is) and we will return to the top of the page. Do we want to go back to the previous app? Just click on the name that appears in the upper left corner.

But It is the back gesture, which we get by sliding the finger to the right, which seems to me extremely practical, and much more useful than Android's back button. This, because the phones are so big lately, that reaching the Back button is not always easy, especially if we are operating the phone with one hand.

This is where Edge Gestures allows us to achieve something similar, in addition to additional functions. With Edge Gestures installed, we can perform multiple gestures on the screen that will meet different objectives. I have it configured, for example, to imitate the function of the iPhone: a swipe to the right will make the phone act as if you had pressed the Back button.

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But in addition to this gesture, we can add many more. It is enough to configure the thickness and area from where the gestures on the phone will be detected (the red line at the ends that they see in the screenshots), and then define what will happen when we slide our finger on the left, right, and more.

Personally, I prefer to keep it simple, with few gestures – to eliminate possible confusion that the app has – and only to the left edge. But that simple back gesture on the far left is super practical when you're operating the phone with one hand.

The application costs $ 1.49 (S / .4.50) but it is worth it, as it is frequently updated and takes almost no resources. You can download it from here!