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Does your PC support Blu-ray and HD-DVD?

CyberLink BD/HD Advisor v1

CyberLink BD / HD Advisor v1

Although there are those who predict that both the Blu-ray As the HD-DVD will not be as successful as other formats such as CD and the DVD It is worth already making sure that our current desktop computer meets the requirements for these units, lest suddenly our favorite games and programs come on a Blu-ray disc and we are isolated from everything.

For now, and before running to buy the reader, you better take a look at this new tool developed by CyberLink. It's about the software BD / HD Advisor v1; a useful program that will take care of Analyze your equipment to see if it is capable of correctly supporting these types of readers.

For my part, I have carried out the test and the results were satisfactory, it only threw a porn error to have a program that reproduces them, something easily solvable. But wait! It says I have a Blu-ray reader and it's not true. Although of course, better to read the small letter of the CyberLink soft: does not guarantee its accuracy. Similarly, if you are interested you can find out by downloading the tool for free from HERE.

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