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Discounts for iOS Apps, with AppShopper

Discounts for iOS Apps, with AppShopper

The Apple App Store is gigantic. We have over a million and a half apps available, covering an entire huge variety of needs. Therefore it is Very easy to miss out on new offers or game or app launches.

Fortunately, in order to be notified and know about offers or new releases, we have a tool as practical as AppShopper. AppShopper is available and I have been using it for a long, long time (November 2010) and since then, it has been an invaluable tool to find out about offers, promotions and, of course, the launch of new apps.

When Apple had its Free App of the Week promotion, it was easy to know what it was, since AppShopper registered an app – usually quite popular – as Free, the day before.

Through AppShopper, we can put apps on our Wish List, for example, and we will receive a notification as soon as this app is with an offer (Guild of Dungeoneering finally discounted, by the way!). Then, once we have purchased them, we can add it to the My Games list to receive notifications when the app receives updates, for example. Or just remove it from the Wish List, which is what I usually do.

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AppShopper had an app at one time, but unfortunately it was removed from the App Store by Apple (for replicating official app functions). However, the web works extremely well, so you don't have to worry about it (just save it among your favorites)

AppShopper is, therefore, one of the best ways to be aware of offers and promotions in different apps. If you usually play a lot on your iPhones or iPads, or are looking for better applications, AppShopper is an invaluable tool!

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