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Discounts and Free Apps on Android, with AppSales

Discounts and Free Apps on Android, with AppSales

For many, many years, Google will not allow you to change a paid app to a free one and return it for a fee again. This considerably limited the scope that apps could have to promote themselves. In the Apple App Store, for example, it is common to see an app of the week where an app that usually costs, ($ 0.99, or up to $ 5.99 apps), is available for free for a limited time.

Since a time ago In Google Play, paid apps can finally be promoted for free for a limited time, which has sparked the interest of many developers to offer discounts and promotions!

The best way I have found to take advantage of and find out about all the discounts is through the AppSales app. Through the app we will find the latest promotions and discounts. Not only free apps, but apps whose prices have been considerably discounted.

We have an elegant interface and simple navigation, which also gives us a price history for each app. Super useful to know, when we are buying a discounted app, if it is the cheapest it has been so far.

Of course, we also have a panel or search function to find apps by their names, and we have the possibility to add apps to our Watchlist. If a game or app that we want has just come out, but we prefer to wait for a discount, just add it to the Watchlist, and we will be notified as soon as the app is free or with a discounted price.

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useful, right? Definitely an app that can not miss in your repertoire!

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