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CreaWriter, minimalist text editor to increase productivity and avoid distractions


OmmWriter is a very minimalist text editor that seeks to avoid all kinds of distractions Through its full-screen interface and with the minimum and essential options, what you want is to stay focused at all times and avoid any kind of external distraction.

The problem is that until now there was no option for Windows users (since it is for Mac OS), until CreaWriter arrived, which is an alternative of the same style, but for us who use Windows.

CreaWriter has a couple of configuration options, ranging from resizing the font and choosing one of three different types. It also allows us to add a sound and background image to increase inspiration. And finally, you have the option of transparency, which allows you to see the desktop almost imperceptibly, especially for when we are pending something but want to continue writing.

It will be interesting that you throw ideas in the comments of this post to help Pepe, its creator, to improve this tool. For now, I suggested that you add a kind of WYSIWYG editor to be able to format an article well, prepare it without distractions, and then just copy and paste in the editor of our blog to publish it.

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