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Companies and Free Software

Companies and Free Software

I hope you are not tired of my posts on the Regional Free Software Conference because they will continue for a while until I dump all the content.

Mauro Graziosi is the founder of the Kolossus computer security company and the Data Group that research on Free Software. His talk was titled From Google to micro-enterprises and was in charge of shredding a little the different ways that big and small technology companies monetize their jobs (now and before) and How Software Developers Can Benefit Using Free Software.

Mauro Graziosi: "From Google to micro-enterprises"

I don't always take notes but this time I thought it was more applied:

The proprietary software multinationals did business in the 80s and 90s through Soft licenses, agreements with companies and public entities, inclusion and coercion canons. They were product oriented. Instead, microenterprises, back then, were service-oriented and earned silver with initial setup, data import (optional), and maintenance.

Currently, micro-businesses have added personalized attention and immediate response thanks to cell phones, for example. Now there are also the multinationals that benefit from Free Software and earn money the same as the micro companies in the 80s and 90s, adding the seal or certificate of the brand. And, in turn, they put the focus on service as micro-businesses did before.

Free Software influenced big companies in 4 ways: 1) They see it as an escape from certain established monopolies. 2) They were oriented more to services than to products. 3) They aimed at added value instead of a base product. 4) They developed more standards in favor of science.

Free software influenced microenterprises in 4 ways: more alternatives were generated, now they think of using more standards, they think more about legality and they take software that has already been developed.

The new paradigm of Software development companies is to take existing software and adapt it, instead of creating things from scratch that take longer and if bin can be more tailored to the client, then they have more captives to change systems . In other words, the design was changed and the update was soft due to the selection of Free Software and its adaptation according to needs.