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Cmoar VR: A Virtual Cinema for your Google Cardboard / HTC Vive / Oculus

Cmoar Vr

Cmoar Vr

Do you have a Google Cardboard, or any virtual reality device? So you have than give Cmoar VR Cinema a try. Along with a good pair of headphones, Cmoar can imitate the experience of being in a cinema – empty – with a huge screen in front.

That's right, Cmoar can give us the experience of being in a cinema, projecting the video we want (from YouTube, downloaded videos, local videos via DLNA / LAN, from Plex) on a huge screen, as if we were in the cinema .

The great thing about Cmoar is that it is not only a huge screen floating in space, but it creates a virtual cinema environment, with lights that react according to the content, lightly lighting the room. It is one of the most immersive movie watching experiences I have ever experienced.

The application offers support for mp4, mkv, mov, avi videos, in addition to being able to show us YouTube videos in both 2D and 3D videos. Another great option is that we can connect it with a bluetooth game controller to be able to move between the menus easily.

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Cmoar is offered as a demo (lasting a few minutes), and if you're convinced, you can buy it for $ 4.99. If they have a VR headset, or a phone + helmet pack (like the Alcatel Idol 4), then it's a purchase that's definitely worth it.

Eye:Cmoar is also offered for PC, so if you have an HTC Vive / Oculus Rift, it's a worthwhile experience.