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Capture long conversations, with Longshot (Android)

Capture long conversations, with Longshot (Android)

Do they need to photograph any conversation they had on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other chat application? Have you found a website that you would like to keep stored in your galleys? With Longshot for Android we have one of the most powerful apps to get what we want!

Some phones include the ability to take vertical screenshots, or scrolling screenshots, using some kind of button combination, or with a special shortcut. If you have a phone that doesn't come with this default ability, or are looking for a more comprehensive tool with more options, then take a look at Longshot.

Longshot is perfect for capturing conversations, web pages, forums with answers to questions, and more. In addition, Longshot can automatically join multiple screenshots vertically or horizontally. The creation process is super simple: just choose a start and end point and Longshot will take care of the rest.

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The application is free, but it will show us advertisements, which we can make disappear for $ 1.99

Of all the apps on the Play Store, Longshot is one of the best