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Blu (ex * Chirp) is cute, but consumes 125MB of RAM


For a few days there has been a Twitter client that is causing a rage online, it is Blu (until today it was called * Chirp), an application that uses the Microsoft .NET Framework to work. Well, the thing is, I downloaded it when it was still called * Chirp, I installed it and I could not run it directly, it hung at the beginning of the program, but today the new version downloaded the new name and it turns out that it works.

I tell you the truth, I tried it for a while, it would have been an hour or so and I proceeded to uninstall it automatically. The reason? the excessive consumption of resources, and that the computer where I made it run endures it well, is an Intel Core 2 Quad with 2GB of RAM, Nvidia 9600GT video card and Windows Vista, operating system for which, in theory, it is designed. However, the application slows down the system, consuming up to 125MB of memory just by having it open.

To summarize, it is a client for Twitter with an extremely cool design, visual effects, transparencies, sound effects, very interesting functions, but I think it is a long way from being a really usable application.

Blu: Memory consumption