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BlackBerry KeyOne Black Edition arrives in Peru ??

BlackBerry KeyOne Black Edition arrives in Peru ??

We saw it at IFA a little while ago – in September – and we already have it with us! In fact, Peru is the first country to receive the phone in Latin America! The KeyOne Black Edition is an improved version of the KeyOne that brings double the storage and more RAM, for a total of 64/4 GBs.

The KeyOne also marks the return of the brand with a very solid phone, which has been very well reviewed by other means. Yes, it is an Android phone, which gives us compatibility with all the apps of the Google operating system. But it also gives us all the strengths Blackberry is known for, such as its physical keyboard – perhaps the only phone in the mid-range / premium media with one – and all of the phone's security and protection suite.

Apart from the things that we do not see with other phones, inside the team offers a solid combination of components. We have the tried and tested Snapdragon 625, a fast and efficient processor, combined with a generous 3,505 mAh battery, a 4.5-inch Full HD screen that looks extremely good, and under that screen, the physical keyboard .

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The only bad thing? The price seemed high to me. They are S /. 1599 in Claro's S / .189 plan – which has it exclusively. Yes, I understand that it offers features that no other phone has, but that price is extremely close to high-end. And the KeyOne specs put it in a premium mid-range.

The phone is quite solid and feels comfortable in the hands. From what I could try, he left me a good first impression. Hopefully we will have more time in the near future to be able to carry out the review.