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Bear, an excellent note taking tool on iOS / MacOS


A cheaper alternative to Ulysses


Writing the article about Ulysses – how it happened to a subscription model – I noticed that I still didn't have an article about another app that I've been using quite a bit on iOS / MacOS.

It's called Bear, and it's developed by Shiny Frog, an Italian studio, which has managed to create an elegant, versatile and quick app for taking notes and notes on iOS. Essentially, it's a simplified version and much, much faster than Evernote for note taking. The application is free if we use it on a platform, but a payment of $ 1.49 per month (or $ 14.99 per year) will allow synchronization between devices and export options.

Bear is extremely practical because of how fast he is; It is quite natural to launch the app and start writing what we need. Be it a shopping list, an address, a new phone number. An idea for a new article? It is also viable in Bear, which not only works with text, but also images, links, and others. And everything is automatically synchronized between multiple devices.


Much of Bear's flexibility and speed is due to the way it is structured. Instead of getting dizzy with folders, categories and other options, Bear invites us to start writing, nothing more. It is when we finish the post, where we can categorize them through tags that we added at the end of the article. It is enough to put #compras, for example, so that what is written ends up under the label of purchases.

Bear is rapidly gaining features with every update. Version 1.2 released in May brought with it the possibility of making drawings or sketches in the same app.


How does it fit into my workflow?

As I have already mentioned several times, I use Ulysses for practically everything I write. All blog articles are published through Ulysses, due to how familiar and how interface looks to me. Also, Ulysses would you let me Publish directly to WordPress, among your options.

Bear, on the other hand, I use for everything else. I hardly have an idea of ​​an article, go to Bear, because I like that it allows me to use the sketches mentioned previously (where I use the iPad Pro + Pencil). Several of the review scripts also now go through Bear, where it is quicker to switch fonts if I have to enlarge the text. That is, Ulysses is my tool for serious work, while Bear uses it for quick and easy annotations.

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Could I use Ulysses for everything? Yes, but the possibility of sketching, and the structure of Bear to just start writing are quite practical. While the Ulysses interface, the way I can post directly to WordPress, makes it the ideal tool for writing posts like this.

My only regret is that it is not a multi-platform tool. I use Android daily, in parallel with iOS, and the lack of Bear in the Google operating system, it feels quite a lot.

If they are users of an iPhone / iPad or a Mac, however, this does not have to affect them. Bear is an excellent app for taking all kinds of notes, and its monetization model – and low cost – make it an excellent alternative if you're looking for something like Ulysses, but don't need the tool's publishing features.

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