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BatON: Check the battery of your Bluetooth devices (Android)

BatON: Check the battery of your Bluetooth devices (Android)

One of the conveniences of iOS is that we have a Widget capable of showing us the battery level of devices connected via Bluetooth. In this way, we can know how much energy is left in our hearing aids, the Apple Watch, a Bluetooth speaker that is connected, among others.

Unfortunately, Android doesn't offer this natively. But luckily, we have an app that can help us do that! It's called BatON, and while it doesn't work with all devices, I've been lucky with several of the ones I use frequently (the LG Tone Platinum, which are the headphones I carry around with me, for example). For the device to be compatible and to show the battery level, we need one that uses Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy technology (and has a GATT profile), or has a Hands-Free profile (accepting or rejecting phone calls).

Now, checking the battery status of our devices is not essential, but it is something useful, especially for headphones, or speakers, which we do not charge every day (or every night). With BatON, we can show the charging status, directly in the notification area, or through the app.

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