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Available KDE application installer for Windows

Available KDE application installer for Windows

The KDE for Windows team announced a few days ago Availability of Software Compilation 4.4 for win32 platforms. Is about an installer that provides the latest versions of a number of KDE applications, completely independently and in freedom.

If for some reason you can't get rid of your Windows and you would like to use a desktop like KDE, or you just want to start delving into Free Software and especially GNU / Linux environments, then Software Compilation 4.4 is what you were needing.

Although in the announcement, which I found out through, they report that the application installer does not yet offer the majority of applications included in the latest package launched by KDE, we will find programs such as: the graphic editor digiKam, or Konversation chat client.

In addition, they reported that they are working on inserting the quintessential music player, Amarok in this installer.

In future releases of this KDE application installer for Windows, metapackage options are promised so that users of Windows platforms can choose between several groups of programs.

Without a doubt, each day we are more and more surprised by the work carried out by the KDE working group.

Click here to download Software Compilation 4.4.