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Apprise Reader, interesting feed reader based on Adobe AIR

Apprise Reader, interesting feed reader based on Adobe AIR

Apprise Reader is an interesting application that runs on Adobe AIR and, as its name suggests, it is a feed reader. Its interface is basic but pleasant, since it is standard, on the left we have the list of feeds organized by categories, above the different titles of each source and below the content itself, either locally or loading the web page.

Obviously we can import an OPML file With all feeds from another reader, adding feeds to the reader is very fast, but what takes is updating the channels. It incorporates a search engine that allows us to find any content quickly, and a feature that I really liked is the power use the reader full screen, to avoid distractions, really good really.

In theory this reader has integration with AIM instant messenger, but since I am not a user of this network I did not try it. Besides it also has integration with Twitter to post updates, but I couldn't get it to work. Another point against which I saw is its weight, I do not know why it took so long to download the installer, normally the applications for Adobe AIR are light, but this is the exception.

At the moment I keep staying with NetvibesJust because I like online readers, desktop readers feel inevitably slower, excessively I would say. Also when I can participate in the Netvibes translation team, so it's like being at home.

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