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Android Wear is now Wear OS

Android Wear is now Wear OS

Android Wear – Google's smartwatch operating system – has been abandoned for a while. The rollout or launch of Android Wear 2.0 was pretty disappointing, for what little the operating system did to advance / improve the platform.

In contrast, Samsung has done great things with Tizen, giving us super full apps – Spotify's, for example, can work without the phone, downloading our playlists and allowing us to browse the entire catalog. since the watch without the need for a smartphone – and a more independent experience. Apple has also advanced considerably, becoming the most popular smartwatch on the market and considerably improving two aspects: the issue of health and measurement of it, and notifications. Android Wear, unfortunately, seems stuck in limbo, with a terrible Health app (Google Health pales in comparison to Samsung Health or Apple Health), and without real interest on the part of the platform. In fact, Android Wear, despite being available to multiple manufacturers, is now in 3rd place, since it has been displaced by Tizen, the Samsung platform, with Apple occupying the first position with a dominant 57% of the market .

But Google has not given up on this matter and today announced that it will re-brand Android Wear as Wear OS by Google.. Perhaps as an attempt to differentiate it as an Android platform – giving it its own identity – or simply moving away from the name of Andorid Wear that nowadays only produces indifference, Google had this to say:

We are announcing a new name that better reflects our technology, vision and most important of all – the people who wear our watches. We are now Wear OS by Google, a wearable operating system for everyone

Hopefully this re-branding becomes Google's attempt to revive its watch platform. We may have more details at BaselWorld, the next major watch and jewelry event to be held in Switzerland.

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via techcrunch