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Android Nougat reaches 10% adoption, 10 months after its launch

Android Nougat reaches 10% adoption, 10 months after its launch

At last! Android 7.0, better known as Android Nougat, has just reached 10% adoption by Google metrics. This has been achieved after 10 months since Nougat debuted on the market.

However, we have seen growth in the last 4 months of this year, because in its first six, Nougat was only in 1% of the devices. The big jump is mainly due to the multiple new phone launches (like the ones we have been reviewing on the YouTube channel), more than updates by manufacturers and the operators, the eternal and great problem of Android. Deduction that would be corroborated because Marshmallow – Android 6.0 – was not the one with the fewest drops with the rise of Nougat: Marshmallow has only dropped 0.6 points, while Lollipop, KitKat and JellyBean have dropped 0.7, 1 and 0.7 points respectively. That's right: People are swapping their terminals into outdated versions of Android, rather than finding viability in an upgrade.

Which is a shame, since it implies that many times, the user has to resign himself to the fact that the phone to buy does not receive more after-sales support on issues of security patches, and software updates.

Considering that hardware has now been largely standardized – a mid-range phone can easily do the same job as a high-end one – it's in software that we see the most advancement. Having a phone that has almost no chance of being updated after it's launched is, I think, one of the biggest weaknesses in Android. Something that Google has not bothered to correct yet.

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Luckily, some phones are very easy to update through unofficial ways, as we saw with the S7 Edge tutorial, to update it to Nougat, because in some cases, many still do not receive the update.

As things stand, Marshmallow now remains in first place or with 31.8% of phones in that version, followed by Lollipop with 22.3%, and KitKat with 17.1%. Nougat is still in fourth place, with 10.6% of the market