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Amazing ARKit video demonstrates the capabilities of Augmented Reality

Amazing ARKit video demonstrates the capabilities of Augmented Reality

Take on Me, recreated in Augmented Reality

16 weeks is what it took for Michael Patterson to create an augmented reality version of the popular video clip for “Take on Me,” the A-ha song. 16 weeks, and assets (items) collected in the Unity asset store, to create one of the best examples of what can be achieved with augmented reality: a portal to new and exciting universes.

The best of all? That unlike other initiatives, such as Microsoft's Hololens that requires an expensive specialized helmet, or Google's Project Tango, which requires phones built specifically for it, Apple's ARKit works with any iPhone and iPad now available on the market. That's right, it is enough to have an iPhon 6S / SE onwards, or an iPad 2017 / iPad Pro 9.7 onwards to take advantage of the augmented reality that ARKit will bring with iOS 11

If it did not have a greater participation a few months ago, this move puts Apple among one of the companies that is pushing and promoting the augmented reality issue the most, with tangible results. ARKit is a "framework", a structure that puts the advanced sensors of the iPhone and iPad in the hands of developers, in order to create impressive things, like this:

Impressive right? Especially the moment when the person who is filming enters in the “world” drawn with the effect of the video. And yes, everything, with currently available hardware. It will be very, very exciting to see what the App Store has in store for us in the coming months!

Another Augmented Reality video that demonstrates practical uses is taking action:

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