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Alternative to Wunderlist: Memorigi (Android)

Alternative to Wunderlist: Memorigi (Android)

Are you fans of Wunderlist? Well, I have bad news for you: since Microsoft bought it, the development of the app has stopped. Why Well, because now the team is working on a new app, called Microsoft ToDo, which lacks everything that made Wunderlist great, such as simplicity of use despite giving us a lot of configuration options. Yes, the time has come to leave Wunderlist.

One of the best Wunderlist alternatives I've come across so far is Memorigi. It is an application for Android that acts as a list of chores, reminders and task manager.

Similar to Wunderlist, we can use it as a simple flat list with to write down the tasks of the day, but we can also add categories, to have a grocery shopping list, another of tasks that we have to complete in the day, tasks of the university or college, and more.

We can color and icon everything, simply and quickly, in addition to prioritizing tasks.

Something that I really liked, is the synchronization between devices. Memorigi syncs everything up quickly, so something that points to one phone will be present in another.

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Memorigi's interface is clean, colorful, and easy to understand. We have gestures, which allow us to quickly get rid of tasks or mark them as completed.

The only bad thing? Which is not cross-platform like Wunderlist. If they only use Android, no problem. But if they depend on iOS or other platforms, Trello is still the most compatible option.

You can try Memorigi from here