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Alternative to Facebook: Simple for Facebook (ANDROID)

Alternative to Facebook: Simple for Facebook (ANDROID)

Looking for an alternative to Facebook on Android? The social network app is extremely heavy and consumes a lot of battery. Not only when we are using it, but it keeps running in the background, consuming resources (and making our phone react slow) and battery.

The best they can do? Find an alternative to Facebook for your phones. But if the version of Facebook Lite seems too limited, the best option seems Simple

Simple: A fast and resource-free alternative to Facebook.

What I love about Simple is how fast it is. It is a wrapper for the mobile version, but it gives it a distinctive touch thanks to an improved design. In addition, Simple for Facebook also offers us integrated Messenger, so we only need to install this application if we want to have access not only to the social network, but to its messenger service. It is, in a nutshell, a more complete package.

I have been using it for quite some time as a replacement for Facebook and the battery life on my computer has improved considerably.

What do I usually do? Uninstall Facebook or disable it completely from the phone I am using, and I install the alternative to Facebook Simple for Facebook.

Simple for Facebook is even much more customizable, allowing us to change the color with themes, block Sponsored Posts so they don't appear on our timeline, and much more. The free version includes commercials, but we also have a Pro version for $ 1.99. If you regularly use Facebook, it's worth it, as it's the best Facebook alternative I've tried so far. Give the free version a chance; Uninstall or disable Facebook from your phones, use Simple for a few days, and see how they are doing in battery consumption!

Download Simple for Facebook

An alternative on iOS?

For iOS we don't need an alternative like Android. Because in iOS we have more control over the permissions that the app has, Facebook in iOS may be much more limited. In Android, we do not have such control over what permissions the app has, so we have to look for alternatives that limit the access that Facebook has (something that will finally be remedied in Android O, the eighth version, which implements a background system like the one iOS has had for years, blocking access and permissions to improve the battery).

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On iOS, just go to Privacy / Location and remove location permissions from Facebook. This will prevent Facebook from automatically launching continuously whenever it detects that we are somewhere else. Also, it's worth disabling the Background App Refresh or Background Update for Facebook from Settings, so Facebook won't run again.

These two simple changes will considerably reduce the consumption of Facebook on iOS, so you don't have to search for alternatives to Facebook on the iPhone.