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Airpods of 2018: What Improvements Will One of the BEST Apple Products Bring?

Airpods of 2018: What Improvements Will One of the BEST Apple Products Bring?

I adore my Airpods. I use them every day, every so often. It is, I think, the best first-generation product that Apple has released so far. As I mentioned in my review, what makes Airpods special is the convenience they offer. They are super comfortable headphones that, once in our ears, can stay there for hours, without disturbing. As they are not in ear, they do not block external noises so we can respond and listen to our surroundings even while we are wearing them (that's why I use them a lot when I ride a bike; a situation where it is important to be aware of car and pedestrian traffic). They don't have the best sound in the world, but at the same time, they sound wonderfully good, much better than one would expect from headphones so small – and so much like Earpods, that they sound terrible. Thanks to the long antennas, they have a better range than, I think, any other Bluetooth headset in my collection, allowing me to leave the phone on the table, walk around the office or even go from the room to the bathroom, and music continues. It has no device limit to which it connects, so I have it paired not only with my iPhone, iPad, Mac, but also with 4 other Android phones, where it also works instantly. And another thing that I love: the battery is eternal. Not only do they last about 4 to 5 hours on their own, but the case they come with – where we keep it as soon as we finish using them – allows us to recharge them about 4 times more, giving us a total of 24 hours of continuous use. For travel, it is wonderful.

It is one of those products that simply becomes essential. And Apple, apparently, has big plans for a new version this 2018!

According to Mark Gurman, for Bloomberg – and Mark has an excellent track record of rumors that came true, thanks to a collection of reliable sources – Apple plans to make a couple of gradual updates to the product over the next two years.. We will not see radical changes – which, honestly, would be totally unnecessary, considering how well this first generation product works – But I do know the Oye Siri feature implemented on this year's Airpods. In current Airpods, to invoke Siri we have to lightly double tap any of the Airpods. But this gesture can be modified by anything else. I did, changing the double tap on the left side to Play / Pause, and on the right, to Next Track. In this year's new version, in addition to these two gestures, then, we could call Siri with a simple Hey Siri at any time.

Another upgrade that we will see this year is a better chip to improve Bluetooth connections, called W2. If Apple manages to allow us to change the sound source without manually selecting it as it happens with the W1, it would be a great update of the first version.

In addition, rumors suggest that another model besides this year's, to launch in 2019 (the third generation) would be Waterproof, which would be a success for those who want to use the Airpods for exercises without fear that they will get soaked with sweat, or that water falls on them. These will not be submersible, but resistant to rain and drops of water.

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Interesting upgrades that will undoubtedly continue to improve a product that, overnight, has become one of the best that Apple manufactures.

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