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Airpods like Microphones for Video? Filmic Pro 6.4 implements it!

Airpods like Microphones for Video? Filmic Pro 6.4 implements it!

And not only Airpods: Any Bluetooth microphone (headphones with bluetooth microphones) will work!

A few days ago I took my review of the Apple Airpods. Spoiler: They are great, I take them everywhere. One of the limitations, however, is that we cannot use it as a microphone, as we can regularly do with the Earpods that come in the box. A recent update to the best video recording app, Filmic Pro, remedies all of this: the app has finally implemented support for Bluetooth microphones in general. That's right, not only was support for Airpods implemented, but any pair of Bluetooth headsets with a microphone will work with the app. Just go to the Audio section, and activate Bluetooth Microphone.

Filmic has been considered by years as the best app for video on iOS. It is an application that offers multiple improvements over the Camera app, such as greater manual control over camera functions, real-time analysis of the image to have Focus Peaking, Zebra Stripes, clipping (to assess if the image is too light), and much more. The app even has the option of variable speed zoom to zoom in smoothly every time we use it. Filmic Pro also improves the low light quality of the iPhone, achieving results like this:

On top of all this, we can modify the aspect ratio of the video recording, offering support not only for the typical 16: 9, but also Super 35, Ultra Panavision, square format, Cinerama and more. If you are interested in using the iPhone as a video tool (and you should, the iPhone 8 has the best camcorder of the year on smartphones), Filmic Pro is an almost must-buy, despite its $ 14.99 price tag. I bought it about 4 years ago, and it has always been present and available on my smartphone

Now, about the support for Bluetooth microphones: it should be noted that the quality can vary quite a bit, since the bandwidth offered by Bluetooth is quite low. Filmic Pro recommends that we use AirPods, as they are the ones that have been tested the most with the app.

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Additionally, Filmic Pro 6.4 brings better support for iPhone X, giving us the option to select all the videos in the library. If you use iPhone as a tool to record videos, Filmic Pro is an excellent investment. And if they have Airpods, they now have a very practical and easy way to have a wireless microphone on their smartphones.

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