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AIMP2, the unrecognized brother of Winamp


You know that for me the best audio player is Winamp, but that was until today that I deigned to try the player accordingly AIMP2, and I say accordingly because the first time I did it did not work for me, I do not know what was due (maybe because I was using XP, HA!), today I downloaded it again, I installed it and I dare to say that it will be the replacement Winamp on my team.

But watch out! I am not replacing Winamp, on the contrary, I am glad that there is an equal quality option or higher totally free. What I always look for in an audio player is its quality, I hate listening to music with poor sound quality, I give you some examples, Songbird, iTunes, etc. Since I discovered the plugin Enhancer for Winamp I'm happy, and I have good news for those who want to try AIMP2, ste supports Winamp plugins, with which you can install Enhancer and enjoy the audio quality.


Why did I like it?

  • It is very light, weighing only 3MB.
  • It does not consume resources, in my case it took up 20MB of RAM (being that Winamp eats 49MB).
  • Supports Winamp plugins.
  • The skins that are available are very good.
  • It is a totally free application, Winamp too, but AIMP2 does NOT have pro versions.
  • It comes with some factory add-ons, but these do not slow down the final product.

So, from now on I am going to start with Apiano proselytizing in every post I can, in passing I invite you to spread this application on your blogs.