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Adobe plans to reach mobile phones with Photoshop



Surely many of you will know this fantastic application from Adobe that allows you to do thousands of things with images to leave them completely different from when they started, or also create an image from scratch and be able to do thousands of things with it.

Until very recently, the privilege of being able to do this was only held by computers, be they Macs or PCs, but on mobile devices they did not exist, although there were alternatives to edit images, obviously much less powerful than the original version of Photoshop.

But now Adobe is developing a Windows Mobile application based on the popular Photoshop, than Although it does not have all the characteristics, functionalities and power of the original version of the software, the proposal sounds quite interesting and is very useful for editing images without having to transfer them to the computer. and be able to do everything from the mobile. But of course, if you are looking for an already more professional edition, obviously you will have to pass it to the computer and you will not be able to do everything from your mobile device with Windows Mobile.

The application is still in beta, and be based on Flash Lite Player, so you allow users to upload photos from mobile to Photoshop site without having to go through a computer. The beta of the program is expected to be available by the end of September. and It is believed to be a very famous and practical application, which I think will surely be very successful since it will fill a sector that is that of mobile image editing that until now practically does not exist, and what there is is very basic.

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