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A full screen phone without a notch? Meet the Doogee Mix 4


The “notch”, that piece of “frame” that is on top of the iPhone X and that usually houses the cameras and sensors necessary for Face ID, has become a controversial topic, since many other manufacturers have begun to implement the same aspect. On the one hand, there are those who consider that we are "gaining" space on the sides, to place extra elements there, while on the other side are those who feel that the notch takes away space from the screen.

One of the companies that is presenting a novel way to deal with it, is Doogee, a little-known company outside Asia, with a very interesting model: we have a full screen, which goes from edge to edge, but where sensors like The camera, proximity sensor, and earpiece are hidden behind a slider mechanism. Yes, like the early 2000s

Practical? Nah. New? Yes, and very different from the rest of the options on the market.

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On the one hand we are getting the possibility of having a full screen, as Arun from MrWhoseTheBoss shows here.

But on the other hand, we have an unnecessarily thicker phone. The phone is a prototype for now, so things like the fingerprint sensor (which would be inside the screen) are not activated.

According to Arun, it is a phone that will have a Snapdragon processor – although of an unknown model – and will be for less than $ 300, so it is more of a phone that will have entry-level / mid-range components, but with an interesting concept.