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A Better Gallery for Android: F-Stop Gallery

A Better Gallery for Android: F-Stop Gallery

In Android, sometimes we do not know how good the gallery app is that it touches us. Depending on the manufacturer, the gallery app can be excellent, like the one that usually comes in the Sony Xperia; good, like the one we see in Huawei or Samsung; or terrible. Before we had an excellent alternative in the hands of QuickPic for all our needs, but this app was bought by a Chinese company and filled with advertising and malware, leaving us a big hole.

Sure, we could use Google Photos and sanseacab, but to be honest, despite how excellent Google Photos is as an infinite image storage service, the app itself is not very intuitive, and even less when we don't have internet. If you are looking for a photo gallery app that works offline, and is simple and fast, F-Stop Gallery is an excellent alternative.

The app is super fast and yes, it works with different themes so they can change the look of the app. In addition, we can tag our favorite photos, search through albums (folders) on the phone, or search photos by categories, such as those taken 30 days ago. Because most of our photos are geolocated, we can also navigate the photos on a map, which is super useful.

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Most of us who use Android, we usually have in a MicroSD all our photos, which migrate with us every time we change our phone, true? Well, because we have all this amount of photos offline, It is always useful to have a good gallery app that allows us to view and manage these images without an internet connection, and in this sense, F-Stop Gallery does an excellent job.

You can download F-Stop Gallery from here