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5217, an app to improve your productivity (ANDROID)

5217, an app to improve your productivity (ANDROID)

A Pomodoro technique for those who need more time.

5217 is an app that, similar to the Pomodoro technique, gives us a period of work time, combined with a break time. In the Pomodoro technique, we work 25 uninterrupted minutes and we have 5 minutes of rest. Every 4 Pomodoros (or two hours), we take a longer break of 15 or 25 minutes.

5217 takes this concept of work moments and breaks, but extends the uninterrupted 52-minute work period, with 17-minute breaks. This, based on recent research that has found that our concentration peak is reached in 52 minutes. More of this, and our attention begins to fluctuate, and therefore our productivity begins to fail.

The process is as simple as that: 52 minutes of work, and 17 minutes of rest where we can do whatever we want, as long as we continue working after these leisure minutes!

The app has been developed by Francisco Franco (who has launched useful apps like Focus, Franco Kernel, among others), and you can find it in the Play Store. The app is free, but it's limited to 10 uses – to give us an idea of ​​how it works. After this, we have to pay $ 1.99 to use it unlimited.

The application is even capable of activating the Do not disturb mode on our phones when we are in these 52-minute periods of work, and then deactivating it when we are on our breaks, making sure that we will not end up getting distracted.

The idea seems great to me, especially for those to whom the 25 or 20 minutes of Pomodoro seemed very restrictive. Not all of us have the same type of work, and sometimes it takes more time for uninterrupted concentration (if they program or design, for example).

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I will be implementing it in my workflow. 20 or 25 minutes is enough for small items, but when I'm working on a review, 52 minutes seems like an ideal time.

Download 5217 from here